Intelligence Bank DAM

The All of Us Research Program depends on the Intelligence Bank DAM system for the effective storage, organization, management, and distribution of a vast library exceeding 14,000 digital assets, including logos, photos, graphics, PDFs, documents, and videos. These assets are essential in creating marketing materials aimed at recruiting participants through diverse All of Us organizations. Additionally, by utilizing the PrintUI co-branded editor, these organizations gain the flexibility to tailor and localize these assets with distinctive images, their individual logos, and contact information, ultimately boosting their grassroots outreach efforts.


  • Director of Digital Product Development
  • Senior Digital Asset Manager, Product

Website Project

  • NIH All of Us Research Program
    • Asset Portal (DAM)

Systems and Tools

  • Intelligence Bank
  • PrintUI
  • Okta Single Sign-On
  • API
  • LiveChat
  • MailChimp
  • Wrike
  • AWS S3