My mind is made up of discoveries, learned accomplishments, and rich experiences steming from a blend of both my analytical and creative sides. The left hemisphere expertly manages the intricacies of organization and strategy, while the right hemisphere immerses itself in the imaginative world of design, concepts, and branding.

I've always thrived on being adaptable and flexible, especially in a constantly changing world. This has led me down a path of continuous learning, bringing new processes and experiences into my life, and helping me evolve into a multifaceted individual who can bring significant value to any team.

I led the charge on the NIH All of Us Research Program Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management System (CMS) platforms. My goal was to ensure everything ran like a well-oiled machine, fostering effective collaboration and delivering top-tier solutions, all while balancing the technical and creative aspects.

Being adaptable has shaped me into a strong leader who can motivate teams of all sizes in various settings. I thrive on creating a positive and inclusive environment where brilliant ideas can flourish, enabling people to produce their best work and leaving them with a true sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Successful Case Studies in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management System (CMS) platforms.

Rebuilt for Expanding Growth and Demand.

An updated DAM solution for enhanced scalability, usability, and agility.

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Tracking Assets with Speed and Transparency.

Implementing a CMS solution to enhance the real-time tracking of customized assets.

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Meeting the Growing Demand for QR Code Usage.

Introducing a no-cost, subscription-free CMS solution for QR creation and storage.

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  • Supervised and oversaw technology infrastructures, operations, and the systems development of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management System (CMS) products within the NIH All of Us Research Program. The goal was to establish and maintain a continuous, streamlined workflow, ultimately ensuring the delivery of efficient solutions to the client.

  • Achieved a 22% latency reduction in the Asset Portal DAM product, significantly enhancing overall performance by accelerating search, downloads, and user editing capabilities for a more efficient and responsive user experience.

  • Pioneered the development and successful launch of the Asset Tracker CMS product, delivering an 88% improvement in response time for tracking asset requests by registered members, streamlining operations with real-time project status updates and eliminating time-consuming communications.

  • Initiated and launched the QR Code Generator CMS product, offering stakeholders a user-friendly, cost-free, subscription-free QR code creation and storage solution, resulting in a 6% reduction in government grant expenditures, yielding cost savings for stakeholders.
  • Supervised, managed, and took an active role in both the technical and creative operations of the NIH All of Us Research Program Asset Portal Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

  • Managed, organized, and improved the DAM system to efficiently streamline workflows with cross-functional teams. Tasks included provisioning user accounts and permissions, developing taxonomies, optimizing metadata schema and metatags, providing technical support, implementing programming enhancements, enhancing UX/UI, optimizing LiveChat practices, auditing, and generating statistical reports.

  • Thoroughly documented protocols and processes in the DAM SOP guidelines, providing valuable references and training resources for both current and future users.

  • Conceptualized and executed graphic design, copywriting, and print production initiatives for the University of Pittsburgh's prominent projects, such as the PA Cares For Us Research Program, Pitt+Me, and the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). Specialized in crafting visually compelling marketing materials to actively engage and recruit participants for local clinical research projects.
  • Initiated and executed concept development, art direction, and design strategies for pharmaceutical clients that included: Lundbeck (Sabril, Onfi); Jazz Pharmaceuticals (Xyrem); Impax (Rytary, Zomig); Otonomy (Otiprio) to drive brand awareness through consumer print publications and social media channels.
  • Led concept development, art direction, and design for print and digital projects targeting key accounts that included: Alcon; ThromboGenics (JETREA); Merz Aesthetics (XEOMIN, Radiesse) cultivating pharmaceutical brand awareness while concurrently managing a creative team in a fast-paced environment to ensure on-strategy, on-time, and budget-compliant project delivery across multiple accounts.
  • Drove creative development for key accounts that included: Takeda (Kapidex, Amitiza, Uloric, Edarbi, Edarbyclor); Teva (ParaGard, Enjuvia); Stiefel (Extina, Desonate); Allergan (Botox) to drive pharmaceutical medical education and consumer brand awareness, directing the creative team, collaborating with the creative director, copywriters, and client services, and maintaining quality control and timeliness with project managers.

Digital UX/UI Director
Aviatech | San Diego, CA
Designed UX/UI for websites, banner ads, and microsites across accounts (YUM! Brands, Budget Blinds, Help-U-Sell, Brightstar Health Care, and the International Franchise Association) while actively leading creative and programming teams.

Senior Art Director/Photo Art Director
Hecht’s | Arlington, VA
Led the concept design of newspaper ads and inserts in a retail network of 80 stores with $2.5 billion in annual sales, directing creative, product, and fashion teams, and collaborating with internal stakeholders to formulate robust marketing strategies.

Art Director/Photo Art Director 
Mervyn’s | Hayward, CA
Oversaw art direction and layout design for regional newspaper inserts in a retail network of 264 stores generating $4 billion in annual sales, while directing creative, product, and fashion teams and collaborating closely with internal stakeholders to craft seasonal and event-driven concepts for circulars.

Digital Creative Director
Hanover Direct Company | San Diego, CA
Managed a digital team and executed strategies that doubled e-commerce sales for the Undergear website, growing annual sales from $3.2 million to $6.2 million, within a $60 million internet and direct mail sales operation, while overseeing UX/UI, brand development, and strategy.

Senior Art Director
Chapman Warwick Advertising | San Diego, CA
Created advertising, collateral, and website designs achieving local, regional, and national award-winning work with Hewlett-Packard and Kinko's, while actively collaborating with creative teams.