Tracking Assets with Speed and Transparency.


When NIH All of Us Research Program consortium partners required customized marketing assets not available on the Asset Portal, they submitted an Asset Request, receiving confirmation emails and updates through their account manager. However, there was limited visibility into progress, expected delivery times, and timeline adjustments, leading to a slow and inefficient process. Consortium partners had to make multiple inquiries through various channels, resulting in confusion and delays due to unnoticed roadblocks.


What was required was a system that could efficiently track submitted asset requests with the same level of transparency, speed, and ease as a pizza tracker.

As the Director of Systems Development and leader of the digital product team, my team and I aimed to develop a user-friendly, real-time solution that offers a visual and easily comprehensible interface. To accomplish this objective, we embarked on creating a custom solution known as the Asset Tracker. This multi-tiered system seamlessly integrates a CMS with multiple components. 


The introduction of the new Asset Tracker has streamlined operations significantly. NIH, consortium partners, and account managers can now access and monitor all asset requests effortlessly within a single system. This real-time solution, accessible to registered users, has led to an improvement in response time and a 93% conversion rate in website engagement for tracking asset requests. It has effectively eliminated the need for time-consuming communications by providing real-time project status updates.


Presently, the Asset Tracker has significantly enhanced transparency, visibility, and the speed of tracking asset requests. It provides valuable features like filtering options for precise searching, varying access levels, a robust search algorithm, a detailed timeline history, and a record of completed assets. This has not only saved time spent on back-and-forth communications about asset status but also allowed account managers and consortium partners to redirect their time and efforts toward strategic goals.