My mind is made up of discoveries, learned accomplishments, and rich experiences steming from a blend of both my analytical and creative sides. The left hemisphere expertly manages the intricacies of organization and strategy, while the right hemisphere immerses itself in the imaginative world of design, concepts, and branding.

I've always thrived on being adaptable and flexible, especially in a constantly changing world. This has led me down a path of continuous learning, bringing new processes and experiences into my life, and helping me evolve into a multifaceted individual who can bring significant value to any team.

I led the charge on the NIH All of Us Research Program Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management System (CMS) platforms. My goal was to ensure everything ran like a well-oiled machine, fostering effective collaboration and delivering top-tier solutions, all while balancing the technical and creative aspects.

Being adaptable has shaped me into a strong leader who can motivate teams of all sizes in various settings. I thrive on creating a positive and inclusive environment where brilliant ideas can flourish, enabling people to produce their best work and leaving them with a true sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.